Leawood, Kansas

Crate&Barrel – Leawood, Kansas

Client / Owner

Euromarket Designs, Inc. an IL Corp.

Architect / Engineer

Kathryn Quinn Architects, Ltd.




Graycor Construction

Project Scope

For almost two decades, Graycor has worked with Crate and Barrel performing numerous new construction and renovation projects throughout the U.S. Graycor’s team completed construction of this new 34,000-square-foot, two-story Crate and Barrel Home Store in Leawood, Kansas, marking the project as the 20th completed for the national retailer.

The project called for using a wide variety of distinguishing finishes – from wood and metal to brick and integrated concrete – on the building’s exterior and interior surfaces, which required Graycor to carefully align each component creating an illusion of seamless finishes that flow from the structure’s exterior to interior.

The project’s schedule also presented a challenge, which Graycor overcame by screening subcontractors for financial strength and pricing. This proved to be crucial in meeting the shortened schedule.

Crate and Barrel has relied on Graycor for the successful completion of more than 30 of their construction projects.

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