Mims, Florida

Air Separation Unit

Client / Owner





Graycor Southern

Project Scope

Due  to  the  growth  in  private  space  travel  companies,  PRAXAIR required  the  expansion  of  the  Cape  Canaveral  facility  located  in  Mims, FL.  Graycor  Southern  performed  as  the  General  Contractor  and  was awarded  each  of  the  two  phases  of  the  project  separately.  Scope  consisted of  demolition  of  existing  cooling  tower  and  truck  loading  Fillzone  pipe rack,  installation  of  new  Fillzone  pipe  rack  including  twenty-five  (25)  tie points. Erection of new PL2HN  ASU  plant  also  included equipment,  structural  steel,  piping,  electrical,  instrumentation  and insulation.