University Park, Illinois

530-MW Peaker Plant Construction

Client / Owner

PPL Global, LLC

Architect / Engineer





Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

The GMS joint venture between Graycor Industrial (as prime contractor), McCarl’s Inc. and Sargent Electric Co. constructed this 530-MW, simple-cycle peaker power plant for PPL Global, LLC. The facility generates supplemental electrical power during Chicago’s peak power periods. The project included installation of 12 natural gas-fired combustion turbine generators, as well as civil construction. Startup and commissioning was also performed by the joint venture.

Major Equipment by Owner:

12 GE – LM6000 with Deltek SCR, Waukesha transformers, stacks, water injection/sprint skids, cooling skids, gas and air compressors
Major Equipment by Joint Venture:

All civil, structural and BOP equipment